Name: Jason

Position: Recruiting Manager

Division: Human Resources Division

1. How did your career bring you to Caterpillar and why was Caterpillar the best employer for you?
I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, and MBA from Illinois State University. I spent my first 6 years in HR at RR Donnelly specializing in employee relations and recruiting. I chose to come to Caterpillar due to the significant depth of career opportunities. Caterpillar is an industry leader and consistently one of the most respected companies globally. Each day I have the opportunity to work with employees, and internal customers from various disciplines all over the US and across the globe.

2. What are your current roles and responsibilities at Caterpillar?
I currently manage a team of recruiters, recruiting coordinators who recruit and hire employees for management level positions at Caterpillar across the United States.

3. From your perspective, how and why do you believe that Caterpillar would benefit from hiring military veterans into the company?
Veterans have transferable skills that align with Caterpillar's long term talent needs. There are so many disciplines that veterans of the military can be aligned to such as Engineering, Operations, Logistics, and Leadership roles, just to name a few. Caterpillar's values which include Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, and Commitment are standards by which veterans of our military have lived on a daily basis.

4. What would you say to the veteran candidate pool to encourage them to choose Caterpillar as their employer of choice?
If you are looking for an employer that is #1 in their industry, that has a strong set of core values, and affords countless opportunities professional development then Caterpillar is an employer for you!