Ready for the Challenges Ahead

There are a lot of roads in the world. Some people always take the easy ones. And then there are those who strive for something more. Brent Stewart is one of those people. As a Cat dealer tech in a remote part of Canada, Brent faces daily challenges of distance, timing and nature and that’s before he even gets to the jobsite.

For Brent his road begins and ends in the same place, his hometown. Although he left soon after high school, he moved back to sign on with his local Cat dealer. After a field mechanic retired, Brent decided to take a more challenging road working in some extreme and harsh condition. As a field tech, you have to up for any challenge every day you come into work—and Brent does.

Now Brent is the guy on whom customers count to keep their operations running. He embraces even the toughest parts of his work—and customers notice. So much so, they request Brent because they know he’s dedicated to getting them up and running.

Cat equipment builds the world we live in and Cat dealer techs like Brent keep that equipment running. What’s more, being a Cat dealer tech means working with a proven winner in a trade that’s in demand. There are opportunities out there at Cat dealers all around the country for people who embrace challenges. Are you up to the challenge? Start your career at

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