Veterans - Ryan

Name: Ryan

Position: Senior Project Engineer

Division: Customer Services Support

Military Affiliation: U.S. Navy, Enlisted June 1986 - August 1995, EW2 (SW)

1. How did your career bring you to Caterpillar and why was Caterpillar the best employer for you?
I entered the Navy a month after graduating from high school. My initial enlistment was a six-year contract in order to receive advanced electronics training. My duties ranged from operation of equipment that scanned the electromagnetic spectrum for signals to troubleshooting these systems, and ultimately instructing others on the maintenance and troubleshooting of the systems. Given the economics and downsizing in the mid 1990's, I did not qualify for a reenlistment bonus and promotion opportunities had virtually dried up, so I decided to leave the Navy for civilian employment.
About a year before separating, I was home on leave for a friend's wedding, and the opportunity to interview at Caterpillar presented itself. These interviews lead to a manager providing my information to a contracting agency that provided workers in Caterpillar facilities. Upon my separation, I joined that agency working on-site at Caterpillar on electrical system schematics covering the entire product line. After a year and a half, Caterpillar hired me full-time into the same position.
Over the years, I have moved through team and project leadership roles and have been responsible for section budgeting. The breadth of Caterpillar's product line and locations throughout the world present many opportunities for advancement and career changes. In every job role change, coworkers have always been willing to share their experiences and knowledge in order to help me learn.
Additionally, Caterpillar's values speak volumes to the character of the employees and the integrity of the company.

2. What are your current roles and responsibilities at Caterpillar?
In my current position, I consult with Cat dealers on metal restoration and salvage solutions, with a focus on thermal spray applications. This consists of creating salvage solutions for worn or broken parts and setting up new thermal spray operations in dealer component rebuild centers. I provide repair options the dealer can present the customer in an effort to provide them the lowest owning and operating costs for their equipment.

3. From your perspective, how and why do you believe that Caterpillar would benefit from hiring military veterans into the company?
Military veterans are flexible, adaptable, reliable, and highly trained. Many have held leadership roles and have been responsible for others lives and multi-million dollars worth of equipment. They think on their feet and are focused on completing tasks regardless of the obstacles.

4. What would you say to the veteran candidate pool to encourage them to choose Caterpillar as their employer of choice?
Caterpillar has a long history of ingenuity, quality, and service. It presents a multitude of opportunities for employees to contribute, learn, and grow.