Advisors & Teachers

Put your students who love to work with their hands in an exciting career.

Students are all different. They learn in their own way and have a unique set of strengths. Some are best served by pursuing a four-year degree, but others can shine the most by pursuing a career in the skilled trades. Unfortunately, over the past few decades, high schools have deemphasized skilled trades in their curriculum. In fact, today, only 6 percent of high school students consider a career in the trades.

As an advisor or teacher, students value your guidance. When you encourage mechanically inclined students with great problem solving skills to pursue a career as a Cat® dealer tech, you're helping them end up in careers that are a good match for their strengths. And you're setting them on a path that holds abundant opportunity.

To learn more about what Cat dealers can offer your students, watch our videos and contact a dealer to start your journey.