Mike Rowe Partnership Shines Light on Skilled Trades

It’s no secret that Mike Rowe has been a passionate advocate for the skilled trades, partnering with Caterpillar in our efforts to seek and train the next generation of Cat® Dealer Technicians.

Why focus on Cat Dealer Techs? The answer is simple - Cat customers. Cat customers consistently say their technician is one of their most trusted partners. If a customer feels they have a true partnership with Caterpillar their business will continue to grow. The problem is there shortage of Dealer Techs in many areas and the pipeline to fill these positions is often slim.  

Over the last two years, we’ve focused our partnership with Mike Rowe to achieve three main objectives:

  1. Change the perception of what a good job is – focused on the Cat Dealer Tech position
  2. Communicate to youth about opportunities in this field
  3. Identify those with similar skills interested in working as a Cat Dealer Tech immediately

To achieve these objectives we’ve executed a variety of marketing and public relations techniques with great success. To change perception, a long-term and consistent task, we’ve partnered with Mike Rowe to discuss the Skills Gap in a variety of national and social media outlets. To communicate to youth, Mike Rowe and Caterpillar were featured at the youth conferences SkillsUSA and STEM Festival. To identify those pursuing a job, we’ve developed a suite of high-end commercial grade marketing materials featuring six exemplary Cat Dealer Techs and a process for interested parties to identify themselves.

So what’s next? National advertising! We will be achieving all three objectives by utilizing our marketing materials during Mike Rowe’s new series, Somebody’s Gotta Do It, premiering on CNN on Oct. 8. Each episode of the show will feature a different Cat Dealer Tech 30-second commercial with a call-to-action to caterpillar.com where the viewer can learn more or get in contact with their local Cat dealer.

This commercial will be focused on Caterpillar as the sponsor and feature a Cat Dealer Tech Vilmar Ramirez.  

Check your local listings to watch Somebody’s Gotta Do It! will air on CNN every Wednesday beginning October 8 at 8:00 p.m. CST.