Meet Vilmar – Not All Knowledge Comes From College

For some people, a four-year college might be the right path to take after high school. But the truth is there are lots of “right paths” you can take – you just have to be smart enough to find them. Take Vilmar Ramirez for instance.

Vilmar is a smart guy who got good grades, but a four-year degree wasn’t what he was looking for. Just because college wasn’t for him, didn’t mean he wasn’t interested in learning – he just wanted to start a career so he could contribute financially to his family.

As a kid, he grew up helping his dad work on cars in their driveway and his first inclination was towards becoming an auto mechanic. So Vilmar took a job at a local auto repair shop.

His knack with engines and his strong work ethic soon had him moving up the ladder as an automotive mechanic. But Vilmar wanted more. He wanted a challenge. That’s when he learned his local Cat® dealer needed technicians.

That was years ago. These days, Vilmar is a top-level technician, working on anything and everything that travels in water, sometimes traveling to exotic locations to service Pantropic customers.

When he’s not busy keeping Pantropic customers sailing the high seas, Vilmar has plenty of time to pursue his passions.

The more you learn, the more you earn. Those are words to live by. If you work hard as a Cat dealer tech, and keep your mind open to learning, there’s no telling how much you can earn. In wages. In adventure. In personal fulfillment. And, most important, in respect.

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