Meet Gene – Keeping Paradise Running

If you play your cards right, work could be paradise (and vice versa)

Hawaii is paradise. Isolated from the rest of the world and filled with rugged beauty, it’s a place where people come to relax, explore and discover all year round. And for the workers whose job it is to keep paradise running, Hawaii’s treasures come at a cost of sweat, know how and dedication.

This is something Gene Mendes can attest to firsthand. As a Cat® dealer tech working for Hawthorne Cat in Hilo, he plays an integral role in the way people experience paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In Hawaii, the same stunning features that make it a holiday destination also create huge logistical challenges. Every unbelievable view is also a forbidding obstacle to maintaining infrastructure. Luckily for the people of Hawaii, Gene has spent his whole life learning how to deal with challenges like these.

As a power gen service tech, Gene is involved in a high-stakes business requiring not only the ability to work with your hands but also an attention to detail, a focus on safety and an engineer’s knowledge of electronic circuitry. While it puts a lot of pressure on Gene, knowing that he’s protecting his community – his home and loved ones – is part of the appeal.

Gene chose this path because of a natural curiosity for understanding how things work, as well as how to fix them when they don’t. It was something that he picked up at an early age and that led him down a path to great career.

Everyone’s definition of paradise is different. For people like Gene, it’s having a job that challenges you every day, and makes you feel like a part of something bigger – a rewarding career, with good pay and benefits, that allows you to live anywhere in the world.

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