Meet Darrell – A Life-changing Career Choice

Sometimes you change jobs. This is one job that changes you.

All around the country (and world) there are good jobs available at Cat dealerships, yet not enough qualified applicants. It’s not just because workers don’t have the skills. In many cases, it’s because workers don’t know how to go about acquiring them.

Then there are workers like Darrell Mostella. Ever since he became a Cat Dealer Tech, Darrell’s career has taken off and his life has changed. As a Level 6 technician at Holt Cat in Texas, he’s evidence that with a little hard work, you can get the skills you need to secure a great career.

Darrell’s story begins like so many other tech stories – working on cars with his dad in the driveway. He worked at a few mechanic jobs, but never felt like he had a true career. He wanted one, but he wasn’t sure where to find it – and he knew college wasn’t for him.

Then he went to a job fair and found out about HOLT CAT, who needed people to work on Cat equipment. It was a dream job for Darrell, but even though he was a mechanic, he didn’t yet have the skills needed. Thankfully, HOLT CAT was willing to hire him anyway and give him the training he needed.

With the skills he gained from Cat, his career took off and his life changed. His workday is now full of satisfying projects. And having a stable career with room to grow affords him the most important benefit - the ability to provide for and spend time with his family.

Darrell’s achievements are a clear example for people who don’t see themselves as college-types or office-types – people who are good with their hands and looking for more from their careers. Maybe people like you. Are you built to be a Cat dealer tech? 

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