Letter to Mike Rowe

Dear Mike Rowe,

Hello!  My name is Adam Crist and I am 24 years old. I have grown up in a good hardworking family from a little town of Savannah, Ohio, right outside of Ashland, Ohio.  We are midway from Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.  I was raised where you need God, family, and hard work. My family’s motto has been when you start something you finish it as well as doing your very best at it.  My family consists of my parents, Stan and Brenda, my sister, Amy and my grandparents on both sides for pretty much of my life.

My mother has been a third grade and special needs teacher for 30 years. My mom has gone back to college to obtain her masters in teaching too. Mom has been a strong woman that has kept my sister and in our studies growing up.  Even when she knew reading was hard for me she worked with me and found ways for me to enjoy reading through listening to books. This past year she has been cancer free as she faced breast cancer. Even facing this she was driven to not slow down but to get back to her third graders and her family. I have much love and respect for her to push me in my studies and advance me in life to where I am today and where I want to go with this job career.

My father is also my role model in my life. My father has come from not having a lot in life and starting out as a high school drop out to working the farm to helping the family.  Dad went on to work on his reading and to work on certification of welding while working several jobs before working for FE Myers for 27 years. My father has always been a handy man with building and fixing problems. He showed me that if you have a dream in life it is possible to reach your goals through hard work. He has started his own business, Crist and Son Excavating. He does it all! He can build homes to digging ponds to recently obtaining experience in lifting houses to install new basements to repairing walls. I owe a lot of my skills to him as he as taught me growing up in life. He has put a drive in me that if you work hard you can obtain your dreams!

My sister, Amy has followed in my mother’s footsteps and is a Prek-3rd grade teacher. She is married to Adam Wade and has started a family and in the last year, making me a Uncle to a beautiful baby girl Lauryn Ann. Adam and Amy have both been there, especially when I need advice and don’t need advice! But they support me in my walks in life.

I started my love of working on equipment with my father. I went to Pioneer Career and Technology Center in Shelby, Ohio where I was in the industrial diesel class. My teacher Darin Beal has been a life friend as his dad was are pastor. (What a small world!)  He has shaped me into a mindset for the love of diesel mechanics. As a person I viewed him as my mentor and someone I can relate to. I have stayed in contact with Mr. Beal.

I have always had a love for heavy equipment and started to look at colleges. I found the Caterpillar program at Owen’s Community College. To enroll in the program, I had to have a Cat dealer employer review me by the Cleveland branch.  It came down to me and another candidate for the college program. I was not selected at this point in my life!  I moved on and went to Owens’ through the John Deere Program. I graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science through John Deere.  This was not easy, but with help from family and tutors at school it was accomplished.  One thing I knew, what how to study, even if it was slow and steady. After college, I accomplished another dream to go out west. I went through a John Deere harvest team, Strunk Harvesting, in Silver Lake, Kansas. Three days after graduating, I left and was harvesting fields from Texas to North Montana, over the course of six months. I learned a lot as I drove semi, hauled combines and grain.  After the harvest I came home and obtained a job with a John Deere, Shearers’ Equipment in Monroeville Ohio as a parts salesman and then moving on to service. I stayed with the company for a year and moved on for personal growth. In the last two years I moved from job to job to grow in skills and work for more in life, and happiness to reach my goals.

I have always had a love for what I’ve done in life and felt there was more out there or a bigger plan for me in life. Not obtaining the job with Ohio Cat in college has always stuck with me and I have wondered if that was my true calling in life. As I have always stayed in touch with my “old “ high school teacher, Mr. Beal, I contacted him and was invited to his home where we talked for several hours on my dreams and goals. His advice he gave me was choices I had to make for myself but he also gave me things to think about. In end, a few weeks later, I chose to pursue my dream job with Ohio Cat.

One night, I sat down with my family and told them I wanted to pursue my dream with Ohio Cat and with everything in life they have been opened minded and fully supported me in my dreams. I went on to Ohio and went to careers and submitted my interest with Ohio Cat. To my excitement I was contacted by Ohio Cat the next day by Jason Burns, Human Resources. I started the process with his help and now am employed with Ohio Cat. I see opportunity with this company and I see myself moving up with this company. Those dreams are coming true with hard work with Ohio Cat. I can see a long career as they really do care for their employees.

I owe a lot of my walk in life to God, my parents and family as they have supported me and shaped me in to the man I am today. Hard work and a dream are possible in life!


Thanks for your time,

Adam Crist