Leaders - Kim

Name: Kim

Position: Vice President

Division: Human Services Division

1. How did your career bring you to Caterpillar and why was Caterpillar the best employer for you?
Since joining Caterpillar in 1997 as part of the company's HR Professional Development Program, I have held numerous positions with increasing responsibilities in the areas of human resources, labor relations and succession planning, including a role as a compensation and benefits manager for Caterpillar's Logistics Division based in Belgium. I was also a Group & Regional HR Director based in Geneva, Switzerland.
I graduated from Purdue University in 1997, with a bachelor's degree in management, with emphasis in human resources. I've also been certified as a human resources professional.

2. What are your current roles and responsibilities at Caterpillar?
I am the chief HR officer and a vice president of Caterpillar Inc. with responsibility for the Human Services Division. I have responsibility for Corporate Human Resources, Caterpillar University, Compensation + Benefits and Medical.
I am a member of the Board of Directors for the HR Policy Association, have been a member of the Corporate Human Resources Management Board at Texas A&M University, member of the Creve Coeur Club Board of Governors and Executive Committee, Trustee to the Great Rivers Partnership and am a new member of the Board of Trustees to the Children's Home Association of Illinois.

3. From your perspective, how and why do you believe that Caterpillar would benefit from hiring military veterans into the company?
I am humbled that Caterpillar is considered an employer of choice by many veterans. Their diversity of experience and thought is a competitive advantage for Caterpillar.

4. What would you say to the veteran candidate pool to encourage them to choose Caterpillar as their employer of choice?
We have hired veterans, as well as veteran family members, into a variety of positions at Caterpillar, and we find that from production positions to management, their experiences and backgrounds position them to bring a unique perspective and approach to their work.