Meet Sebina, project manager

Sebina was passionate to talk about her role as team lead for the preventative maintenance module. She holds responsibility for building the data and services layer as part of the Technology Enabled Solutions (TES) strategy. Sebina recently took a new assignment as TES India Project Manager.

“We follow Agile Methodology for our software development activities. With Agile, we are more focused on value driven delivery. So with every iteration, we deliver value to the customer,” said Sebina.

During her Masters at Bradley University, she received an internship opportunity with Caterpillar to work for the Technology and Solutions Division and later worked for Caterpillar Production Systems, Product Development and Global Technology.

“I have been with Caterpillar for over eight years now and I love working here. The teamwork amidst the diverse workforce in Caterpillar makes it a unique place to be associated with,” noted Sebina.

As a beginner, getting to work on real projects and experience the focus on quality, makes her feel proud to be an employee.

“In Caterpillar, we do not just talk about values. We really see ‘Our Values in Action’,” quoted Sebina.

Outside of work, Sebina loves to spend time with her family, especially with her two and a half year old daughter.