“Every working experience at each job role has offered new learning opportunities for me,” said Rachel when she recalled her eight years working experience at Caterpillar Shared Service Center in Tianjin, China.

After four years studying as an accounting major at Tianjin University of Commerce, China, Rachel learned of a job opportunity at Caterpillar and got the chance for an interview in 2006.  Rachel said the Caterpillar culture she felt during the interview, including the friendly attitude of the Caterpillar interviewers toward her – “just like to colleagues” – and the carefully prepared lunch for her after traveling far for the interview, left a deep impression on her even after eight years.

Rachel started her first job at Caterpillar and has played different job roles in Shared Service Center. In Rachel’s first role at the accounts payable function, she provided support for invoice booking, employee reimbursement, vendor payment and account analysis. Her second role was at the accounts receivable function, in which she was responsible for issue invoice, account analysis, collection and accounts aging analysis.

“I have had very happy working experiences here. This is my first job and I have made many important friends here, some working at the same office with me,” Rachel said.

Now in her third job role at the general ledger division, Rachel is providing audits of accounts and reports for various Caterpillar facilities, helping facilities deal with accounting problems and offering data analysis for corporate accounting and the tax team.

 “Good working atmosphere and fair opportunities for employee growth,” are Rachel’s feeling about Caterpillar.

Caterpillar has been very supportive to employees’ career development, Rachel said. She recalled that she received the training for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) when she joined Caterpillar. Caterpillar arranged periodical training for Rachel and her colleagues.

“I’m just like a child of Caterpillar and have grown with the Shared Service Center. I have obtained professional skills, enhanced communication abilities and won leadership capability here,” Rachel said.

Hard work turns out to be great harvest. Through efforts, she got the CMA certification in 2011 and the next year she was promoted to be a general ledger leader for her own team. She has led new employees to learn about Caterpillar’s culture and operation, adjust to company restructuring and do excellent jobs.

Outside work, she has a happy family and a lovely kid.