Josh Senior Associate Engineer

Meet Josh, Senior Associate Engineer in Product Development

Joined Caterpillar in 2010 - Leadership & Technical Development Program

2010 graduate of Iowa State University - Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, minor in Non-Destructive Engineering

1. Why did you pick Iowa State University?
I wanted an education from an accredited engineering school with great faculty, an innovative research arm along with a diverse student background. I was able to find all of these at Iowa State University.

2. Why did you select Caterpillar as an employer?
I was looking for an opportunity to build a foundation of both technical and professional skillsets, early in my career. Having already completed an internship at Caterpillar, I knew the company would be a great place to kick-start my career. Additionally, the global footprint of company makes the opportunities at the company limitless.

3. What was the highlight of your Caterpillar experience so far?
After graduating from the Leadership & Technical Development Program, I was able to immediately provide value on research projects. Less than a year out of the program, I was provided the opportunity to lead an engineering team tasked in developing an engine prototype for a mining truck. The project has challenged me not only from a technical side, but also in my leadership acumen.

4. What is a typical workday like for you?
Being in research, my role varies day to day. Some days I play the role of the design engineer - creating models on new research concepts and working with suppliers to procure prototypes. Other days I spend in the lab, running tests on new hardware or software. Some days I engage with customers, both internal and external, to truly understand the key requirements and boundaries for my projects.

5. What do you like about living in Peoria, Illinois?
I enjoy hiking and camping - which Peoria's Park District offers a vast amount of locations to do just that. Peoria is great during the summer, with live music and other events on the riverfront downtown. Being located in central Illinois, Peoria is within driving distance to many major cities as well, including Chicago, St. Louis and Madison, Wisconsin.

6. What are you looking forward to about working for Caterpillar in the long-term?
I'm really excited about working globally for the company. I find the opportunity of working in diverse environments outside of my comfort zone exciting and hope to work overseas in the near future.

7. What would you say to someone considering employment with Caterpillar?
Caterpillar is a great place to start your career. With the endless amount of opportunities at the company, you can easily enjoy multiple different career paths within the same company. The global opportunities are exciting and being a leader in our industry, we work on the cutting edge of technology within our field. Caterpillar is filled with great opportunities and great people.

Click here to watch a video of Josh describing the start of his Caterpillar career through a Product Development Internship. 

Meet Josh Meet Josh
"Caterpillar is a great place to start your career."