David Information Security Officer

Meet David, Information Security Officer

Joined Caterpillar in 2006 in the area of Information Technology

2006 graduate of Illinois State University- Bachelor's degree in Information Systems / Systems Analysis

1. Why did you pick Illinois State University?
Illinois State University provided one of the highest rated and most diverse Information Technology Curricula in the Midwest. Not only did they provide a complete education portfolio for IT, but also provided excellent corporate networking opportunities.

2. Why did you select Caterpillar as an employer?
Caterpillar has been an industry leader for over 80 years and is a stable enterprise. Caterpillar offered the best career development and the most diverse career opportunities of any of the companies that I considered.

3. What was the highlight of your Caterpillar experience so far?
The best part of my career so far was being a part of a large business transformation project where I was able to learn a complete end-to-end view of how our company works. It is very rare that you can become completely immersed in the business side of a company in an IT job like this. This opportunity was not only the most challenging, but also the most rewarding of my career.

4. What is a typical workday like for you?
Basically, it is a combination of implementing long-term strategy or projects and working with teams to solve business, IT, and IT security challenges. Every day presents a new challenge and something to learn.

5. What do you like about living in Peoria, Illinois?
Peoria is such a unique city. The cultural diversity and variety of social activities is tough to match, whether it is attending weekly cultural events on the riverfront or taking in a beverage at a local brewery—there is never a shortage of fun. Additionally, the great school districts and family events make it a great place to raise a family.

6. What are you looking forward to about working for Caterpillar in the long-term?
I look forward to all the challenging opportunities to lead diverse teams and learn new skills. Caterpillar is always willing to develop your career and offer you something new. I can't wait to see what opportunities may be on the horizon!

7. What would you say to someone considering employment with Caterpillar?
If you are looking for a company that offers diverse career opportunities, ongoing career development, and long-term job stability, Caterpillar is the company for you.