Christopher Six Sigma Black Belt

Meet Christopher, Six Sigma Black Belt

Joined Caterpillar in 2006 in the Manufacturing Professionals Development Program

2005 graduate of Iowa State University - Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering; 2010 graduate of Bradley University with an MBA

1. Why did you pick Iowa State University?
I selected Iowa State University because of its accredited engineering program. The faculty and staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and the campus is beautiful and park-like.

2. Why did you select Caterpillar as an employer?
I selected Caterpillar as an employer because of the breadth of career opportunities that are available. This is what initially attracted me to the manufacturing rotation program I hired into. This allowed me multiple experiences early in my career and let me begin to develop my leadership skills.

3. What was the highlight of your Caterpillar experience so far?
The highlight of my career has been great and diversified experiences inside Global Purchasing. These procurement roles, which are both technical and leadership focused, have allowed me the opportunity to work with many suppliers, travel, and negotiate on behalf of Caterpillar and my purchasing category.

4. What is a typical workday like for you?
It is always changing and is never the same! A typical work day can be strategic meaning I'm working with my team to find the best suppliers to purchase components from for the corporation. It can also quickly turn into a fast paced and tactile environment when an emergency occurs at a supplier and we must react to ensure the flow of material continues.

5. What do you like about living in Peoria, Illinois?
Peoria, Illinois is a great community because it's the perfect little big town. It has good restaurants and activities, but is small enough to feel like a community. It's also close major cities such as Chicago and St. Louis.

6. What are you looking forward to about working for Caterpillar in the long-term?
I'm looking forward to more diversified career opportunities to broaden my skills and experiences. Caterpillar allows me to develop a plan for my career, which excites me because it helps me plan a path for different leadership roles that are of interest to me.

7. What would you say to someone considering employment with Caterpillar?
It's a great place to work! The team based environment at Caterpillar makes it easy to accomplish goals which allow for the enterprise to succeed! Additionally, there are endless career opportunities.