Meet Jason, senior associate engineer in Perkins Wuxi

A graduate from Jilin University in Northeast China’s Jilin Province, Jason, power machinery and engineering major, became an employee in Perkins Power Systems Technology (Wuxi) Co. Ltd through campus recruitment in 2012.  As a senior associate engineer, he is responsible for cost reduction design, design of new products and facility support.

Attracted by career opportunity at Caterpillar and the living environment in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu Province, Jason chose to leave his hometown in North China and work at Perkins.

By Joining Caterpillar through the Leadership & Technical Development Program, Jason has experienced different job roles in the first year, including testing and calibration of engine performance, and design support. Now Jason works for the product engineering department. He said he can apply the knowledge he learned into his work and the job allows many additional learning opportunities as well.

What’s more important Jason said is he has mastered the work process, from completing the concept design and product design based on consumer demand, getting suppliers’ confirmation, price quotation to developing products which meet consumer demand.

“The work process helps me complete my work more efficiently,” Jason said.

With help from colleagues, Jason completed the design to reduce costs for an engine radiator. The big cost reduction filled him with a sense of achievement and reinforced his confidence and determination for engaging in technology development.

“I feel very proud of working at Caterpillar because it offers a good working environment and harmonious relationships with colleagues. Caterpillar is a great place to work for people who pursue career development,” Jason said. “I have learned from two years’ working experience to do everything actively and carefully.”

Outside work, Jason likes playing football and swimming.