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Press Reel Index

Timecode Brand Product Location Description
0:01     Deerfield, IL Corporate Headquarters
1:28       Operation & Execution Graphic
1:39       Construction Industries
1:52 Cat 307 E2 China Excavator
2:00 Cat 345D Dubai Excavator
2:09 Cat 345D Dubai Excavator, UAE Nael & Bin Harmal Hydroexport Jobsite with dealer and customer
2:14 Cat 262D and SW380B Saudi Arabia Skid Steer Loaders and Wheel Saws
2:24 Cat   Saudi Arabia Excavator
2:34     Saudi Arabia Operator
2:44 Cat   Nantong, China Excavator and customer on jobsite
2:54 Cat 963C Aspen, Colorado Track Loader, customer Stutsman jobsite
3:05     Louisiana paving customers
3:10 Cat CUV82 Clayton, NC Utility vehicle
3:21 Cat CUV82 Clayton, NC Utility vehicle, construction jobsite with customers
3:28 Cat CUV82 Clayton, NC Utility vehicle
3:31 Cat   Russia paving jobsite
3:45 Cat 140M Russia Motor Grader, paving jobsite
3:50 Cat   Russia paving jobsite
3:53 Cat AP655D Russia track-type asphalt paver
3:58     Russia paving jobsite
4:21 Cat 329E Italy Excavator, Road Construction
4:31 Cat 323E Italy Excavator, Road Construction
5:02 Cat 320D China Excavator
5:22 Cat 324D China Excavator
5:24 Cat     Wheel Loader, GC model, operator
5:30 Cat 950GC   Wheel Loader
5:49 Cat 120   Motor Grader
5:55 Cat 980H Qingdao Port, China Wheel Loader
6:04 Cat   China Customer and Dealer
6:09 Cat     Pipelayer
6:25     Victoria Texas Excavator
6:32 Cat 980H Qingdao Port, China Wheel Loader
6:42 Cat   China Paving equipment
7:02       paving jobsite
7:28       Remanufacture
7:41     China mini hydraulic excavators assembly line
8:12     Wujiang, China Caterpillar Wujiang facility exterior
8:22     China mini hydraulic excavators assembly line
8:32     North Little Rock, Arkansas facility
9:04 Cat     Mining truck
9:11 Cat 794   Mining truck
9:22 Cat 740B Dubai Articulated Truck at UAE Nael & Bin Harmal Hydroexport Jobsite
9:32 Cat D8R UAE Track-Type Tractors with customers and dealers on the jobsite
9:55 Cat 390F LME Istanbul Hydraulic Excavators building Istanbul Airport
10:31 Cat 770G Edwards IL Wheel Loader loading truck
10:45 Cat D11T Liberty Mine, Boonville IN Large Track-Type Tractor
11:10 Cat 627K   Wheel Tractor-Scraper
11:46 Cat 623K   Wheel Tractor-Scraper
12:04 Cat 374F L, 740C   Hydraulic Excavator loading Articulated Truck
12:44 Cat R1700HT4 La Ronde Mine, Quebec CN Underground Mining Loader
13:15 Cat     Underground Longwall
13:22       Mine site
13:37 Cat     Draglines
14:05   Lunen Germany   Underground Mining Manufacturing
14:35       Mining equipment assembly line
15:18     building SS Large Track-Type Tractor assembly line
15:43     Edwards IL WorksiteVR Simulator, Immersive technologies
15:57       Simulation
16:11       UCSD Caltrans Seismic Response Modification Device (SRMD) Test Facility
16:42 Cat INV2000   Inverter Generator
17:22 Cat Cat   Engines and Generators
18:51 Cat     Marine Power
19:26 Progress Rail     Progress Rail
20:51       Certified Rebuild Center
20:59 KEMPER     Valve
21:07 Solar   China Solar Turbines
21:54     Tucson Proving Ground, Tinaja Solar MicroGrid
22:21       Facility
23:11       3D Printing Technology
24:09       Services
24:49       Distribution
25:34       Employee working and collaboration
28:55       The Doug Oberhelman Caterpillar Visitors Center