New Product Floor in Caterpillar Visitors Center Offers Fresh Experience

Since opening in October 2012, the Caterpillar Visitors Center’s Product Floor has featured 19 pieces of Cat® equipment, allowing visitors to sit in the driver’s seat, pull the levers, push the pedals and experience what it is like to operate our products.

Each summer since opening, the Caterpillar Visitors Center (CVC) has changed out the equipment on the product floor. The featured products are chosen by the CVC, product groups and product marketing – taking into account new equipment and trade show promotions. The entire process for choosing new equipment – from selecting and ordering the equipment to transporting and prepping it – takes about nine months.

The product floor change-out occurs after hours and requires a diverse staff.  Operators from the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center, fabricators from local Cat dealer Altorfer, maintenance personnel, housekeeping, security, transporters, a moving crew, audio visual and CVC staff all work together to ensure a smooth transition. Giant sheets of plywood are strategically placed on the floor to ensure the equipment doesn’t dent, damage or leave track marks on the floor as the products are moved out through the garage door. All fluids are removed from the equipment once it has been placed in its final position to avoid leaks and staining. Other equipment functions may be disabled, such as horns, for the comfort and safety of CVC visitors. Staircases customized for each piece of equipment are then attached so visitors can sit in the seat of the equipment. Finally, all equipment is evaluated for potential safety hazards and is retro-fitted with clear Plexiglas to prevent falls or visitors from accessing areas that may cause injuries.

Following removal from the CVC Product Floor, the equipment is sold to dealers who then sell them to customers. The first set of products that were on the floor from October 2012 through June 2013 were sold to dealers all over the United States. Products moved off the floor in 2014 have also been offered back to product groups or Cat Rental stores. These products have little to no work hours, which is a benefit for purchasing them.

Typically, the CVC gets four to five new pieces of equipment to feature on the product floor and outside the dealer gallery each year. And, this week the CVC received a new NASCAR with an updated graphics package.

New Equipment at the Caterpillar Visitors Center

  • CB24B Tandem Vibratory Roller
  • 336E Hydraulic Hybrid Excavator
  • 908H2 Wheel Loader
  • 420F IT Backhoe Loader
  • CT660 Vocational Dump Truck
  • D5K2 Track-Type Tractor

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