PODCAST: Staying Strong and Building Resilience

October 8, 2020

No one predicted 2020. The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been an unexpected source of stress and adversity for many of us. The challenges are real and on-going – and for many – the ability to cope has been tested. For Vice President Joe Creed, his challenge has been supporting his global team while at home with his family of four. For Corrina Holt, President & Chief Administrative Officer Holt Cat, it has been finding time for personal health while managing a thriving business. And, for Dr. John Pompe, a licensed psychologist and the global manager of our Employee Mental Health programs, finding the balance of disrupting the routine of working at home. 

Joe, Corinna and John have all found new ways of coping – and we wanted to hear from them about the lessons they’ve learned about staying strong in face of challenges. Their stories about navigating the pandemic are personal, their motivations are others-centered and their sense of humor? Intact. 

On this special edition of our Beyond The Iron podcast, they talked with hosts Rusty Dunn and Lisa Miller to share their personal and professional thoughts about resilience – listen to their chat...

 Program Guide (39:47 total run time)  

1:30 – Sharing a ride on the roller coaster

3:15 – Adjusting to profound changes in everyday life

6:05 – When communication & understanding become the priorities

7:35 – Getting aggressive, but in a good way

10:00 – Putting your own mask on first

12:30 – Making “me time” part of the schedule

15:12 – Keep moving, but don’t blur the lines

18:50 – Maybe the most important question: “How are you doing?”

23:00 – The power of authenticity, vulnerability & being relatable

26:30 – Positivity’s great, but the bad days will happen

29:15 – As an essential business, living the values and focusing on the mission

32:00 – Taking lessons from a great sports team

33:50 – Final thoughts and stocking your personal toolkit

Special thanks to our panelists Dr. John Pompe, a licensed psychologist and the global manager of our Employee Mental Health programs, Corrina Holt, President & Chief Administrative Officer Holt Cat and Joe Creed, Vice President Electric Power Division and the Cat Oil & Gas and Marine Division. 

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