There’s No Room for Intolerance: Peace for Peoria … and Beyond

"There’s no room inside Caterpillar for intolerance,” said Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman at the Peace for Peoria event on Monday. 

“I want to make clear that Caterpillar has succeeded globally because of much more than our products. It’s because we welcome employees, customers, dealers, suppliers and contractors without regard to race, religion, national origin, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability….  We need every one of them, with all of their history, their skills, their unique contributions and perspectives.” 

Doug made his remarks at the second event of Peace for Peoria, which is an interfaith alliance, organized by Reverend Stephen McKinney-Whitaker of United Presbyterian Church in Peoria. Over 700 people attended the May event, and the first event, "Know Islam. Know Peace.,” which was held in March. 

After opening remarks, Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders frankly discussed tolerance and acceptance. They answered questions about Islam, Christianity and Judaism to "promote peace and understanding through education." 

Doug said he felt compelled to attend and speak at this event, "in light of the negative things that are being said about Muslims and others."  He concluded his remarks, which you can read here, by saying that discrimination doesn't make us powerful – it makes us weak. 

Doug Oberhelman’s Full Remarks at Peace for Peoria

Read the full remarks delivered by CEO Doug Oberhelman at the Peace for Peoria event held on May 16.

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