Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all our Caterpillar dads!

We wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the men around Caterpillar who hold this special title. Celebrate with us by reading some of our team members' stories about fatherhood and the importance of this role in their lives.

Bob - Singapore

Father's Day is a good reminder to manage our work-life balance. My kids, Marie and Robbe, Whatsapp-ed me this picture from Singapore for Father's Day. It was taken exactly ten years ago when we lived in Rome. Time goes by quickly... you only see your kids grow up once!

Bob De Lange, Group President, Construction Industries

Marcus - United States

I have a wonderful family. My oldest son is in Huntsville, Alabama, going to school. And my daughter lives in Abingdon, Illinois. There’s my wife, Sarah, and two boys: my youngest, Kingston, and my eight year old, Bishop. And they’re doing very well and just happy. They love it that Daddy builds tractors. Every time they see a Caterpillar tractor, Daddy built it. Every one. Every machine Caterpillar makes, I have my hands in it. I’m like … okay!

Nathalia - Brazil

I am an employee of Caterpillar for 17 years, I started as a coop student and now I am working as a Strategy & Governance Manager. I am very proud to have known Caterpillar through my father, who worked here for nearly 30 years. I remember all the good examples he shared with us and factory visits as a child in the Family Day events. Remembering this history and today being a part of the team of a company like Caterpillar, which has strong values, recognizes its employees and seeks to continuously improve the solutions to fully meet its customers makes me feel proud and accomplished.

Jennifer - United States

My dad raised me to always believe in myself (even when I didn't), be self-sufficient and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Never pass up an opportunity, even if you think you cannot do it. If you are humble enough to ask for advice and help, confident enough in yourself and willing to put in the time to learn and execute, you can accomplish anything.

Glen - United States

In general, my dad has always been my role model. He had a good work ethic and he and I shared a lot of interests and did a lot of stuff together. He had a lot of different hobbies and was interested in a lot of what I would call “lost arts.” Things like blacksmithing and cooking molasses. He was really into things that they did 150 years ago. He didn’t have an engineering degree, but he was very mechanically minded. It was always amazing to me. He was one of those people who could make anything from nothing. He taught me a lot about how little you really need to make something work.

Chad - United States

My kids’ room is full of books. We’ve got Dr. Seuss quotes on their wall that say, “The more you read, the more you know.” At school, they still have the BOOK IT! Program and read a lot for that. We read to them every night before they go to bed. We just want to instill the importance of that (reading) in them. We don’t have video games in the house, so I think that helps.

Vincent - China

Staying with my son is my happiest time. Although I am annoyed when he is naughty, in most cases, I feel melted by just a word or smile of his. That’s the happiness I want. Many people believe success is only related to career or wealth, but I think family plays a very important role and is also very important in success. I will really think about it if my career reaches its peak at the cost of family because a balance between career and family is a greater success for me.

Matthew - United States

My biggest influence has always been my dad. I've always wanted to do exactly what he does and walk a mile in his shoes. My dad is a retired engineer from Caterpillar. He also got his engineering degree from Bradley University. He's got two sons – I'm one of them, obviously – and I have two sons. He's from the area and he moved to the West Coast after he graduated from school, and I graduated from Bradley and moved to the East Coast. It's just so weird how my and my dad's lives have been very similar.

Teresa - Mexico

Being a father means leading by example and being someone that is full of care, love and respect. My father was this for me. When someone wanted to take me on a date, he would have to speak with my father first and ask him for his approval. My father was the chief!

Eduardo - Brazil

For me, being a father is responsibility, love, patience and a gift from God. I learned from my father to work hard, to be good and grateful for my family. When I became a father, I understood that I should never give up and always do my best, even with all the difficulties.