National Adoption Month

Did you know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month? And even better yet, did you know that Caterpillar offers an adoption assistance benefit? The Adoption Assistance Program was created in 2013 and more than 90 families have taken advantage of this benefit. This year, over 20 children have been adopted with assistance from this Caterpillar benefit, and six employees have graciously shared their families' adoption stories.

The Adoption Assistance Program provides a reimbursement to help offset adoption expenses. Additionally adoptive parents receive two weeks of paid parental leave in conjunction with the adoption of a child. Employees can take advantage of this benefit regardless of whether you adopt a child down the road or across the world, and good news - there is no annual or lifetime limit on the number of adoptions for each employee!

Check out our employees' testimonials who’ve taken advantage of the Adoption Assistance Program, and how their lives have been so positively impacted through this program.

Devin Woods

Devin and his wife chose adoption after finding out they were not able to have children. They signed up with a local adoption agency but decided to become foster parents in the meantime. Their lives literally changed overnight when they were just one week away from becoming foster parents when they received a call that there were chosen to become parents to a little girl!

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Scott Thompson

Scott’s family was not only fortunate to adopt one but two children and how cool that both boys are from the same birth parents. They also have an open adoption with their boys' birth parents and have an ongoing relationship with them and some of their extended family.

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Dan Riggs

Dan describes how understanding his supervisor was with all of the time and paperwork that goes into the back end of the adoption process.

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Nishant Bhatt

Nishant and his family found out about the Adoption Assistance Program after discussing with his HR rep that they were looking to adopt a child from India.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel and his family have one child they had naturally and decided to adopt their second child. After waiting two long years, they finally received their call to become parents to a little boy. “Adoption has been an amazing experience that has impacted almost every aspect of our lives.”

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Marty Lyons

Marty and his family submitted a cute video to share with you why they chose adoption and how Jack instantly became part of their family.

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