Caterpillar Honored for Corporate Commitment to Sustainability

November 5, 2015

On November 4, Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman accepted the Vision for America Award from the Keep America Beautiful organization. The award honors Caterpillar's corporate commitment to sustainability.

We're building a legacy we're proud to support. Watch the video Doug shared while accepting the award to see the types of natural restoration projects Caterpillar and our customers are committed to continuing.

Doug also shared the following remarks on Wednesday evening.

Good evening and thank you, Jennifer and Howard. Thanks also to the Vision for America Award Selection Committee. This is an important award and we are greatly honored. And Jay – thanks, as always, for your kind words and everything you do to support U.S. manufacturers.

Although I’m standing here, I’d like you to imagine more than 100,000 people – our incredible Caterpillar workforce – standing with me in this room, spilling out into the lobby and the streets of New York.

This award belongs to them – because they design, develop and build the Caterpillar machines and engines that are powerful, innovative and sustainable. They build the machines that – as you saw in the video – restore and recreate natural beauty all across the United States and the world. 

The more than 40,000 men and women who work for our 47 U.S. Cat® dealers also work to keep America beautiful, every day.

More than a dozen of those Cat dealers are represented here tonight. They’ve come from every part of the country. Thanks to all of you for your support. Just as Caterpillar’s commitment to sustainability is firm and long-standing, we can say exactly the same about Cat dealers. You saw just a few examples in the video.

We will continue to lead the way, as we did by hosting the first major summit on natural infrastructure restoration this afternoon. With technical and business experts, we examined the key steps to support the business case for restoring ecosystems throughout the United States.

We will continue to get up each day and ask, “What will we build today?”

We will continue to build the future, because building is what we do. And we do it very well. 

You saw our generator sets at work all over Manhattan – powering hospitals, the stock exchange and office buildings – during Hurricane Sandy. You see our yellow iron at work building highways and homes.  And you see our engines at work powering tugboats, ferries and ships in New York Harbor.

I saw the list of companies that have received this award and I didn’t see a single industrial company, certainly not one that manufactures 250-ton off-highway trucks or 30,000 horsepower turbines.

That makes this award even more gratifying because sometimes it’s hard for people to make the connection between our business and our commitment to sustainability. For me, it’s not hard at all. It’s who we are and what we do every day. 

We support infrastructure development, restoration and environmental responsibility.

We innovate to make our products more efficient and to prevent waste – including leading the way with data analytics to increase machine productivity.

We protect the health and safety of ourselves and others.

As Jay mentioned, we elevated Sustainability as one of our core Values in 2014, but sustainability is not new to Caterpillar – not at all. Raising sustainability to a stand-alone value acknowledges both what we have done in the past and what we will do in the future.

The world’s resources support 7 billion people today, and will need to support 10 billion by 2050. As the population increases, demand for resources and infrastructure will increase, too. Sustainable progress to meet these needs and support economic growth will remain absolutely necessary. 

Caterpillar will continue to lead the world in making this sustainable progress possible. We have the experience, the products and the commitment. Our shorthand description for our sustainability value is: The power of endurance – and that’s Caterpillar. 

We’ve been at this for more than 90 years.

We’ve endured and succeeded through every economic boom and bust for almost a century.

We’ve done it while staying true to our values.

We’ve done it using innovations and technology to lower emissions and make our products ever more efficient.

We’ve done it while supporting the communities where we work and live through $600 million of Caterpillar Foundation investments.

We’ve got another century ahead of us – at least – to keep building, creating and restoring.  

Just you wait!

I am proud to accept this award. But more importantly, I’m honored by what this award represents: Caterpillar is a company our people can be proud to work for.

Thank you. 

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