Mining in Africa: Getting Back to Business

Mining: Getting Back to Business.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Caterpillar. We’re listening to our customers like never before and providing solutions to help them build a better world. To our Resource Industries (RI) segment, that means understanding the challenges miners face in an industry eager to get back to business – and Caterpillar is helping lead the charge.

Discussing Industry Trends with Customers in Africa

To help us better understand the needs of mining customers in Africa, Group President Denise Johnson recently visited the region with Caterpillar vice presidents Jean Savage and Raymond Chen.

Johnson joined senior leadership from our largest African Cat® dealers at the Investing in African Mining Indaba (INDABA) conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa. During the week-long event, which is billed as the world’s largest mining investment conference, Johnson and Caterpillar leaders heard about industry challenges first-hand from miners. These miners learned how Caterpillar technologies and solutions can help them improve safety, efficiency and their competitive advantage – especially for commodity producers competing on a global scale.

While in Africa, Johnson also met with customers and dealers in Morocco, Cameroon and Gabon. Topics on the table included:

  • Technology trends like electrification, automation and big data
  • Growth
  • Skills gap and the need to train a “new” workforce
  • Infrastructure

Meeting regularly with customers helps Caterpillar identify trends and market opportunities, guiding how Caterpillar spends research and development dollars – always with an eye towards helping our customers build a better world.

Commitment to Africa

We’re champions for the progress of Caterpillar customers and dealers in Africa, and we are heavily invested in African communities – where Caterpillar and our dealers employ more than 15,000 people. In 2016, Caterpillar and our dealers in Africa announced plans to invest $1 billion in business, education and training across Africa.

While in Africa, Johnson spent time with volunteers from South Africa’s Home for Home charity, a network of social workers, foster moms and support staff committed to loving, protecting and raising vulnerable children in nurturing small family settings.

“The dedication of this group of volunteers is nothing short of extraordinary. I was moved by the difference they’re making in the world by giving abandoned children a home and hope,” Johnson said.

There are many communities and people in Africa that Caterpillar and our dealers impact with donations of time, talents and funding. And we still have much more to give.

Group President Denise Johnson visits Africa’s Home for Hope.

Caterpillar Invests in Africa

Caterpillar, our dealers, and the Caterpillar Foundation, together, are committed to helping the continent realize its potential by investing in service facilities, logistics facilities, and education and skills development.

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Mining Equipment and Solutions

Success in today’s environment requires more than the industry’s best mining equipment. It requires solutions – and partnerships – that extend well beyond the iron.