Safely Home. Everyone. Every Day.™

We come to work to build what matters – knowing that how we work is just as important as what we build.  Because “Safely home. Everyone. Every day.™” is more than a catchphrase.

At home, you’re someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother or friend.  Nothing we do is so important that it’s worth having a loved one injured.  We should celebrate our achievements – like the fact that we’ve seen a 92% improvement in our Recordable Injury Frequency (RIF) since 2003.  Through our hard work, dedication and improved safety culture, our team has never been more safe, and we couldn’t be more thankful – or more focused on continuing to improve.

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Did you know that we have a safety culture improvement process called Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP™)  that is being used successfully both within our own facilities and with our dealers and customers?  Check out these success stories from our North Little Rock, Arkansas facility and Colas USA.

What happens when you measure safety by what you do right, instead of what's gone wrong?  Just ask the North Little Rock team. 

Recently the team integrated the ZIP process and hasn’t experienced a recordable injury since December 2, 2015.  Trust us when we say they don’t just build Cat ® motor graders, they build them safely – every day.

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Colas USA was ready for the next level.  After taking a hard look at their safety journey, the infrastructure building and maintenance company realized that their safety progress was only slightly improving year over year.

To move the needle in safety performance, they needed to influence their team’s attitudes, behaviors and beliefs about safety.  With the help of Caterpillar Safety Services, COLAS USA began transforming their safety culture one team at a time.



The people of Caterpillar have always been – and continue to be – focused on safety.  These vintage safety artifacts and events from our corporate archives truly showcase our commitment to safety.

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