Vice President Tom Bluth on 3 Ways We’re Winning in Mining

March 4, 2016

Tom Bluth describes himself as a “glass half full” type of person.

As vice president of Caterpillar’s Surface Mining & Technology division, Bluth talks about how we’re outdistancing ourselves from competition now for when the mining industry comes back.

Watch the video above for Bluth’s take. Here are the highlights:   

1.  Winning at the Customer Site

When times are tough, it’s a chance to get even closer to customers to build loyalty.

2.  Winning in the Downturn

We have the ability to make a lot of improvements to our business, and we have to continue to invest in ways our competitors can’t.

3.  Winning as a Team

Think of your business is an island. Winds could blow, big waves could come in – you can’t control that. You can’t be a victim – if you see bigger waves come in, move inland, build a shelter. Control what you can control. 

Tom Bluth

Thomas (Tom) Bluth is a vice president of Caterpillar with responsibility for the Surface Mining & Technology Division.

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