Unlocking the Power of Integrated Design, Simulation and Test at the 2014 AST Forum

On May 21-23, hundreds of Caterpillar engineers visited the Embassy Suites Conference Center in East Peoria, Illinois, to attend the 2014 Analysis, Simulation and Test (AST) Forum. The event serves as a platform for design, simulation and test engineers to share and integrate their knowledge to optimize product development and manufacturing processes.

Conference attendees absorbed information from internal and external speakers, attended technical sessions and connected to discuss collaborative efforts. Many of the speakers and sessions focused on the importance of the Caterpillar’s Enterprise Simulation Strategy and ways to propel Caterpillar’s product development process to the next level.

Chief Technology Officer Gwenne Henricks kicked off the event with a keynote presentation focused on product development excellence and collaboration. She said, “We’re doing battle in an increasingly competitive marketplace that’s constantly changing, and we need to ensure our product development process evolves with the competitive landscape. One way we’ll do this is by leveraging simulation throughout the process. Caterpillar and our customers ‘win’ when all three groups – design, simulation and testing – work together as a seamless team.”  

Collaboration between those three groups was a common thread throughout the event. Forum co-chair Guga Gugaratshan said that’s the appeal – the event is an ideal place to brainstorm technical ideas and network. He explained, “The AST Forum is an environment that allows members of the technical community to come together and discuss technical information. It fosters networking connections along with new creative approaches.”

Gwenne Henricks Biography

Gwenne Henricks is vice president of Product Development & Global Technology. Henricks is also chief technology officer.

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