PODCAST: 'It's good to be uncomfortable for the right reasons'

February 23, 2017

Brad Halverson has a good piece of advice. 

"It's good to be uncomfortable for the right reasons," Brad says.  "If you're never uncomfortable, then odds are you're not growing."

Today, Brad is Caterpillar's CFO and Corporate Services Group President. In the latest episode of The Dirt, Brad tells the story of how a meeting early in his Caterpillar career with the company's vice chairman was a big moment. 

"If that meeting went bad, I can really guarantee you I would not be here today in this job. No doubt about it in my mind." 

Brad also discusses why Caterpillar cares about shareholders, corporate tax reform and why he's optimistic about the future.

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1:35 - On Brad's father, who worked third shift in Caterpillar's East Peoria, Illinois, factory

2:20 - Growing up in Delavan, Illinois and how basketball continues to be a big part of his life

3:40 - On the importance of family

4:45 - How putting himself through school at Illinois Central College and the University of Illinois shaped him

5:30 - Not being afraid of hard work: "You get back what you put into it."

7:10 - After college, a short stint in law school followed by landing a job in public accounting

8:30 - Working on Caterpillar's audit while at Price Waterhouse

9:20 - Making a stop at Pella Windows before coming to Caterpillar 

10:20 - Going for a 10 percent raise to come to Caterpillar

10:50 - "Don't make a decision for money."

12:45 - How a meeting with Caterpillar's Vice Chairman changed his career 

15:50 - The importance of developing good relationships

17:00 - Having a personal brand: "It needs to be genuine."

19:30 - On one of Brad's most influential leaders. "He helped our team be successful." 

21:25 - "You have to be willing to take actions that put you at risk."

24:30 - How working in the engine group impacted Brad's career

26:10 - "It's good to be uncomfortable for the right reasons."

28:10 - How he manages several diverse corporate services 

29:30 - Why Caterpillar cares about shareholders 

32:00 - Why corporate tax reform is important to Brad and Caterpillar

34:00 - On how things are different in this downturn

36:00 - "We're well positioned moving forward."

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