PODCAST: “Connectivity Changes Everything about the Products we Produce”

Greg Folley is often thinking about the future. 

As vice president of Caterpillar’s Industry Solutions, Components & Distribution division, Greg leads a team that designs, sources and distributes world-class components and industry solutions to customers.

“The pace of change in the world today is greater than it’s ever been,” Folley said. “We have to be on top of the trends, the changes and developments in the world to see if we can make change happen instead of have change happen to us.”

Greg talks about going from practicing labor law to moving to the corporate world, evolving parts distribution and a futurist look at Caterpillar. 

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Program Guide

1:15 – Greg’s Career Journey

3:00 – Using law background to make decisions: learning quick about something you don’t know

4:30 – Career influences 

6:10 – How being a Lead HR Manager in Caterpillar’s Track-Type Tractors Division influenced his career

7:30 – On family life: “being there and listening”

8:40 – How Greg spends his time outside of work, his Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Chicago Cubs

9:50 – Greg’s passion for innovation, and how he makes sure it’s not just another buzz word

10:50 – On how Kodak not innovating significantly hurt their business 

12:00 – Showcasing innovation at Caterpillar

13:00 – How Greg pushes is management team to stay ahead

14:20 – Why speed is important to getting a product or solution to market

15:30 – The importance of parts distribution and inventory management

17:15 – Determining parts pricing

18:30 – Distribution in the 21st century

19:48 – Improving capabilities in factories

20:40 – Cutting edge technologies in factories, including robotics

21:50 – An inside look at Caterpillar’s OEM Solutions group

23:00 – How OEM Solutions works on the edge of the business to incubate new ideas

24:35 – What Greg’s most excited about for 2017

25:35 – Caterpillar’s connected future 

27:30 – Why Greg’s optimistic about Caterpillar’s future


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