It’s Time to give you the Dirt

We’re ringing in the new year by debuting a new podcast.  

Why a podcast? We want to reach you where you are. 

Whether you’re at work, driving home or burning calories on the treadmill you can listen to a podcast. Fittingly, we’re calling our podcast The Dirt. Our mission is to give you an inside look at Caterpillar, the people, the technology, and of course, the yellow iron. 

Customer & Dealer Support Group President Rob Charter is our first guest. Rob talks about making tough decisions, living around the world, solving customer problems and how different Caterpillar will be five years from now. Listen to the whole show or scroll through to a topic that interests you from the program guide provided below. 

We’re making the podcast available in all the familiar places – SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play. So hit the subscribe button on your favorite app and join us on this journey. 

Program Guide

1:05 – A text message from the Chairman & CEO, a sleepless night, awaking to become a group president

2:10 – Growing up at Caterpillar and career aspirations: “A mixture of luck and timing.”

3:30 – Rob’s career advice

5:20 – Working with customers and dealers

6:40 – Working across the whole company as a group president 

8:30 – Advice on making tough decisions 

10:30 – How living around the world has shaped his career

12:30 – Relocating Peoria, Illinois, home of Caterpillar’s headquarters 

15:15 – How Rob manages his time 

17:20 – Work-life balance 

20:00 – Caterpillar’s strategy partnering with dealers  

25:50 – “We’ve been through a tough period but we haven’t stopped innovating.”

27:00 – Why digital and technology is critical to Caterpillar’s future

28:20 – The importance of improving productivity at the jobsite

30:00 – Caterpillar’s partnership with Uptake, a Chicago-based startup company focused on analytics

33:00 – How different Caterpillar will be five years from now

Rob Charter Biography

Charter joined Caterpillar in 1989 as a development engineer in Melbourne, Australia, his native country. He has extensive experience in service training, machine product, machine sales and service, mining product support, manufacturing, projects, construction, quarry and forestry.

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Age is no longer an expectation of superior capability, and Caterpillar’s Drew Tolly is an example of that.

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