Innovation Isn’t Peanut Butter Spread: Three Thoughts on Innovation in Emerging Markets

July 24, 2015

Jessica Poliner is a district manager based in Panama and serves as Caterpillar Country Manager for Panama. She recently shared her thoughts about innovation in emerging markets. Here’s a snapshot of what she had to say: 

  • Innovation isn’t the big bang effect: “When you go too fast or too big is when you miss something.”
  • Our dealers are doing innovative things: “If we really harness some of that free-thinking in each one of these territories, we would be that much further ahead.” 
  • Innovation isn’t peanut butter spread: “You don’t do the same thing for each market. It should really be based on customer needs…What delights a customer in Panama is not the same thing that delights a customer in Venezuela and certainly not in the U.S.”

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