Customers ‘Appreciative of Caterpillar’s Investments’ at MINExpo ’16: Interview with Doug Oberhelman

September 28, 2016

MINExpo marks a milestone for Caterpillar and the technology we offer when it takes place every four years. Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman sees the advancements Caterpillar people make possible each show, and this year especially.

“In 2008, we employed actors and staged what was coming for autonomous trucks, telematics and technology,” Doug shared. “Today, our own people are giving those same speeches – it’s a wonderful thing to offer to our customers.”

Doug noted the customers he met with during the show were “appreciative of Caterpillar’s investments” and “they see a future in mining like we do.”

Watch Doug's full interview at MINExpo 2016.


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