Caterpillar’s Digital DNA: Data Magic

May 20, 2016 

It’s estimated that Caterpillar is connecting assets every five minutes, or roughly 6,500 per month. That number is expected to grow exponentially.

Bringing in the data from those connected assets is good, but having a “data translator” like Suba Ramani to make sense of it is what you’d call a major key.

“We turn the data to English from zeroes and ones,” Suba says. “You just realize how many different ways there are to slice and dice the data, and we can’t get enough of it.”

Her team will do everything from distributing the raw data to Caterpillar’s engineering groups to combing over to giving reports to customers on what they should be doing to help optimize their fleet.

Suba is also part of the team working on Caterpillar’s digital platform, which will allow customers to access information about their fleets in one convenient location.

“The platform is hopefully going to be one hot place where all this information comes in and goes out,” Suba says.

Watch the video to learn more about this data dynamo.