Safety Runs Generations Strong at Caterpillar

In 1925, Louis (Louie) B. Neumiller was selected as the general parts manager for the new Caterpillar Tractor Co.  Elected president of the company in 1941 and chairman of the board in 1954, Neumiller had great concern for employee welfare and safety over the years, often stating “Safety is Always Our No. 1 Business.”

To honor Neumiller’s efforts for promoting safety throughout the company, Caterpillar established the Louis B. Neumiller Safety Award in 1959 to recognize significant accomplishments in accident prevention and to inspire continued efforts to maintain safe working conditions in its facilities. The award was given to any Caterpillar facility or department for outstanding achievement in safety. Recipients qualified on the basis of active and continued interest in accident prevention, use of safety equipment, enforcement of safety rules and statistical records.

The Decatur, Illinois Plant received the first Louis B. Neumiller Safety Award in 1960.

Our company’s oldest executive office recognition is now known as the Chairman's Health & Safety Award. The annual performance and project award competitions encourage facilities to improve their safety performance and introduce innovative injury and illness prevention solutions.