#ICYMI: History

December 16, 2015

Every day, all day, there’s no shortage of news and information coming at us from all directions. Emails. Social media. Search engines. Online and print newspapers. Magazines and newsletters. And hopefully caterpillar.com!

It’s really difficult to keep up with it all, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up seven of our most noteworthy history stories of the year … in case you missed them when they were first published.

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Quality for the Decades

In 1940, Martin Paalberg in Estonia buried a Cat® D4 due to political unrest. More than 50 years later, Paalberg regained possession of the land and dug the machine out of the ground … finding it in good condition! Read the full story.



We Took a Trip Out West

Today, Peoria is the headquarters of Caterpillar, but our roots go back somewhere else: San Leandro, California. Corporate Heritage Services visited this small town about 20 miles east of San Francisco to learn about how it all began. Hear the story from C.L. Best’s grandson. Then, join Heritage Services on the rest of their journey into our past at caterpillar.com/generations.



Cat Machines Paved the Way for 1950s Brazil

It could be said that Cat® products paved the way – literally and figuratively – to make societal history in 1950s Brazil. Learn why, even today, Brazilians associate the development of the country’s main infrastructure with Cat equipment.



Winning in Russia: Then and Now

In 1913, the Holt 60 track-type tractor won all of the first-place medals in the St. Petersburg IV Auto Show. That was just the beginning of Caterpillar’s rich 102-year relationship with Russia. Read more here.



A Turbocharged Relationship: 60 Years of Collaboration with Honeywell

In the early 1950s, Art Rosen thought about how to increase the output of machines, despite weight and space limitation. He turned to turbochargers to potentially give Cat® equipment a power boost … and he called on Honeywell to provide the turbochargers. Learn more about our 60-year relationship with Honeywell here.



Chicago Bears Weren’t the First to Take a Pass Down Soldier Field – We Were

At 91 years old, Soldier Field is the NFL’s oldest stadium. But the iconic landmark didn’t become the home of the Chicago Bears until 1971. Caterpillar was actually the first to take a pass down the field – literally. Find out how our history overlaps with the history of #dabears in this article.



Caterpillar’s History of Innovation

Walter Cronkite once said that if “the past is crystal ball in which the patterns of the future appear, then some predictions can safely be made, not by this reporter, but by another, closer to the facts. By you, yourself.” Get a glimpse of our past 90 years in this video – and imagine how we’ll change the world in the decades to come.



#ICYMI Series

It’s really difficult to keep up with all of the news coming at us every day, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the top Caterpillar announcements and stories of the year … in case you missed them.

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Our Legacy

Corporate Heritage Services is opening our archives --- sharing new photos and videos from our vault every week. Check back next year to read the latest history stories.

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