Zhengzhou Siwei Renamed as Caterpillar Zhengzhou

In support of Caterpillar’s strategy of providing the best products and solutions for mining customers in China and around the world, Caterpillar officially announced the renaming of Zhengzhou Siwei Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formally referred to as “Siwei”) to Caterpillar (Zhengzhou) Ltd. This step underscores Caterpillar’s ex­panded efforts of supporting customers in China’s mining industry, as well as the facility’s further integration into Caterpillar.

A renaming ceremony was held on the Caterpillar Zhengzhou campus in November. Over 1,000 people were in attendance, including senior Caterpillar leaders, government officials, key customers and suppliers and employees.

“This event is a milestone for Caterpillar and reflects our company’s commitment that our Zhengzhou facility is an integral part of the Caterpillar strategy,” said Qihua Chen, vice president of the China Operations Division. “It is an excellent demonstration of our commitment of further building the Caterpillar business model in China, which will enable us to provide customers with unparalleled products and services.”

The name change also corresponds with the introduction of the first Cat branded product to be made in Caterpillar Zhengzhou. As part of the ceremony, attendees were introduced to the Cat RS200 GC roof sup­port prototype, which is currently under development with the market introduction planned for mid-year 2014.

“Having our name on the facility and our brand on the product means that our customers can expect to have the highest quality machines available in the industry, and we are confident that the products from Caterpillar Zhengzhou will contribute to our deep heritage,” commented Steve Rich, product manager for China Underground Mining Products.

The deputy mayor from the city of Zhengzhou, Mr. Ma Jian, spoke on behalf of the municipal government, and he congratulated the Caterpil­lar Zhengzhou team for their contribution to the local community. Mr. Guixiang Fang, deputy general manager of China Jimei Group, made a speech on behalf of customers and expressed their willingness of being a long-term partner to Caterpillar. Charlie Jia, general manager of the Caterpillar Zhengzhou facility, hosted the ceremony.

The enthusiasm and excitement from the event was evident throughout the workforce.

“I am very excited today,” said Li Yanan, a worker from the machining workshop. “Especially with all the encouragement from our leaders, I am firmly confident that our facility will become better and better. I am also committed to applying Our Values in Action into my daily work and working closely with my colleagues to build a bright future for Caterpillar Zhengzhou.”

The Caterpillar Zhengzhou facility is located in Henan province. This geographical location is not only adjacent to the major underground coal producing provinces in China, which is ideal to serve current customers, but it is also is a transportation hub which enables future development. Currently, Caterpillar Zhengzhou has approximately 2,000 employees, including engineering, manufacturing, sales, services and other manage­ment functions.