Perkins Brasil Recognized Among Best Companies to Work For in Brazil

Perkins Brasil was recently named the Second Best Company to Work For in Brazil. The facility, based in Curitiba, achieved this award in the Auto Industry category of the Best Companies to Work For in Brazil Guide, compiled by a leading business magazine, Voce S/A.

Voce S/A business magazine evaluated people management practices in 650 companies, choosing the best among them. Despite being the smallest business in their category, Perkins Brasil was chosen in second place for the award based on HR practices and an employee survey. Among some of the best practices highlighted by the institute were: the career planning process available for production employees, based on skills development and deep knowledge of engines; a facilitator committee to support EOS action planning across the facility; and a strong and transparent communication plan to share business strategy and updates with all employees.

"We are all very proud to achieve this award from a nationally recognized institution. It is a reflection of the commitment from many of our people to make Perkins Brasil a great place for employees to come to work every day. We are especially proud of the recognition for the way in which our employees understand our company strategy - as this is something that we have worked hard to achieve," commented Elisabeth Hass, HR manager at Perkins Brasil.