OCEARCH‘s Research Helps Sustain the Oceans with Help from Caterpillar

OCEARCH and Caterpillar take pride in their sustainability efforts and endeavors to support solid economic growth. Earlier this year, Caterpillar and OCEARCH agreed to a multi-year partnership to help propel the OCEARCH organization’s global research on sharks.

“Most people think sharks are invincible, but they are in real danger,” said OCEARCH founder and expedition leader Chris Fischer. “We must find a sustainable path forward because sharks play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the delicate oceanic ecosystem.”

OCEARCH relies on Cat® equipment to power the MV OCEARCH, a 126-foot vessel that serves as an at-sea laboratory. A set of new generators, a C4.4 99EKW and a C6.6 125EKW, were recently installed.

“When we were able to put some new Cat equipment in our engine room, our emissions plummeted, our capacity moved forward,” Fischer said.

Lowering emissions is important to OCEARCH.

“When we’re looking at coming out here to do something great for the ocean from the science standpoint, we also want to at least be conscious of trying to do it the most efficient way we can,” Fischer said.

Watch this video to hear more from Fischer.

To learn more about OCEARCH visit ocearch.org