OCEARCH and Caterpillar Seek to Educate Future Generations

Caterpillar strives to support education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and English/Language Arts. A rewarding component of our sponsorship with OCEARCH is their shared interest in STEM education.

"The way the world is moving today, if you don't have a science, technology, engineering or math background in your education, it's going to be difficult to have a job," said Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder and expedition leader.

OCEARCH has developed a curriculum for middle school students that leverages what OCEARCH is learning on their global expeditions, based on what they are sharing every day on the Global Shark Tracker.

"One of the challenges is the educational system in the STEM world and the sciences world, they've struggled to make science cool and compelling for the kids," Fischer said. "If we can captivate the kids by including them in solving these white sharks puzzles… why not try to leverage that to give them the skills they need to succeed for tomorrow?"

OCEARCH mirrors Caterpillar's passion for education. View this video to learn more.

To learn more about OCEARCH, visit ocearch.org