Kim Hauer Delivers Keynote Address at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Education & Workforce Summit

Last month, Caterpillar Vice President Kim Hauer delivered the keynote address at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Education and Workforce Summit “Connecting the Dots: Education, Policy, Workforce.” The annual event brought together leaders in business, education, and workforce development to discuss issues which are vital to America’s competitiveness.

As the event’s keynote speaker, Hauer addressed the U.S. skills gap and current shortages in the fields of manufacturing and skilled trades. Emphasizing the critical role of an educated workforce, Hauer outlined the technical skills Caterpillar employees must possess in order to design, manufacture and support our customers around the world.

“From our production workers to engineers, marketing managers to supply chain professionals, we know our skilled and diverse workforce is our competitive advantage,” said Hauer. “Our products and services have a legacy of making the world a better, more sustainable place—but without our employees, those machines could not make that progress possible.”

Hauer also partnered with several business and higher education leaders to discuss how their respective organizations are working to address these issues and how their efforts can be amplified for greater impact.

“This is not just an issue for Caterpillar, this is an issue for every industry,” said Hauer. “If we want to see significant and sustainable change on a national level, we must partner with educators, community groups and programs and invest in our education system now.”

Click here to view a full archived webcast of Hauer’s remarks at the Connecting the Dots event (keynote begins at the 4:30:00 minute mark).