Investing In Communities Worldwide

The Caterpillar Foundation has one goal—to alleviate poverty and ultimately, grow communities and economies. The best way we can do that is investing in girls and women, because when girls and women are educated and treated equally, their entire community and the world benefits.

Many girls cannot go to school because they walk all day to carry water long distances for their families. That is why we have invested more than $2 million with charity: water to date, with the goal to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

Our most recent investment with charity: water focuses on water, hygiene and sanitation in Malawi—a small landlocked country in Southern Africa with 15.9 million people. It is one of Africa's most densely populated and least developed countries. Most people there live in the tropical countryside and practice subsistence farming. In these rural areas, water is scarce and as a result, many women and children spend hours of their day walking to collect it. Children in Malawi face a high chance of malnutrition and contracting water-related diseases before they reach the age of five. Forty-seven percent of the population does not have adequate access to sanitation. Providing access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation can drastically reduce both risks.

We are using our investment to help charity: water grow exponentially. At charity: ball, charity: water’s annual fundraising gala, we challenge attendees to walk a fraction of the way a girl in a third world country might to get water, carrying more than 40 pounds of water . For every person that walks in a girl’s shoes, funds will go to bring clean water to Malawi Our investment this year will encourage thousands of people to participate in the gala and bring clean water to people around the world.

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