Halco Offers Advice at "Get Ready for Work Scheme"

Recently, members of the Halco Rock Tools team attended a local "Get Ready for Work Day" at an unemployment center in West Yorkshire, England. The UK government organizes events such as this to help offer guidance and support to those seeking employment within local areas.  A total of 420 unemployed young adults attended the event at Westfield House Jobcentre, Bradford on Thursday, February 13 seeking guidance. Other similar events take place across the UK to refocus and up skill people's attitudes towards job search.

As a global manufacturer of mining equipment, Halco Rock Tools assisted in reviewing resumes and offering interviewing advice for people seeking a career within the engineering sector. As a Caterpillar-owned company, Halco Rock Tools are demonstrating Our Values in Action by being proactive members of the community and will continue to support members of Westfield House as well as many other local programs.  

"The presence of Halco as an employer representing the manufacturing sector added a fresh dimension that appealed to many of the attendees. I received excellent feedback from some of the people addressed. The advice given on the quality of their CV's, how to search for jobs in the sector and employer expectations was well-received. Your presence was commented on by colleges and public sector representatives and they were impressed by your commitment to deliver against a social responsibility that so many other successful organizations do not consider," said Lorraine Dalton Thacker, Job Centre Business Manager.