Expedition to Safety Excellence: Caterpillar Santa Fe

When Caterpillar acquired CleanAIR Systems in 2010, the Santa Fe, NM, company was embraced as a leader in manufacturing products that remove pollution from diesel engine exhaust. Its safety culture, however, was no match for its engineering expertise. With the acquisition, CleanAIR got a new name - Caterpillar Santa Fe - and a new outlook on safety.

Caterpillar Safety Services set Caterpillar Santa Fe on the right path to safety excellence by starting with the statistically validated Safety Perception Survey (SPS), which gave every employee a voice in the safety improvement process. Composite scores for each employee level revealed areas where perception gaps existed.

With the SPS diagnosis, a safety steering team committed to a formula for safety excellence: continuous improvement driven by visible leadership, universal accountability and employee engagement.

"The team did a great job of getting engaged and generating plans for a near-miss reporting system identifying inspection zones, recruiting volunteer inspectors and training inspectors," said Donovan Pena, Caterpillar Santa Fe facility manager.

Driven from a commitment by Caterpillar Santa Fe leadership to zero-incident performance, supervisors and front-line employees are buying into and taking hold of their safety journey, an expedition to excellence that never ends.

"Safety Services is holding our feet to the fire, really asking the questions to make sure we have a repeatable process and constant focus on safety," said Randy McGuire, Caterpillar manager of Emissions Solutions Products. "I don't want this to be a one-and-done exercise; I want it to be front of mind on an ongoing basis, something that we all own."

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