Caterpillar Supports 100,000 Strong Foundation

Caterpillar has strong ties to China, dating back as early as 1975 when it made its first sale of 38 pipe layers to China. In fact, Caterpillar was among some of the first manufacturers to enter the Chinese market. Since then, China has grown at a rapid rate, becoming the world’s second largest economy.

Throughout China’s growth, Caterpillar continues to deepen its partnership with China through its presence there and its commitment to being a good local citizen. Most recently, Caterpillar became a founding partner to the 100,000 Strong Foundation whose mission is to strengthen US-China relations through Mandarin language learning and study abroad. The Foundation is leading a national movement to ensure that the next generation of Americans is equipped to engage effectively with China.

Click here to view a video where Group President Ed Rapp discusses the importance of Caterpillar’s involvement with the 100,000 Strong Foundation.