Caterpillar Shanghai Collaborates with Shanghai Lin Gang Government to Grow Reman Business

On August 12, Shanghai's Municipal Standing Committee Member and District Party Committee Secretary for the Pudong area, Mr. Shen Xiao-ming, invited various companies to a meeting at Lin Gang Industrial Park, one of the most important development zones in Shanghai. Among those invited was Caterpillar Reman Shanghai facility's Business Development Manager Holden Zhou, who spoke at the event.

During Holden's address to the group, he introduced the remanufacturing concept and current Reman platform in China. He also highlighted how Reman promotes a circular economy and the tremendous environmental benefits. Caterpillar's Reman Shanghai facility has been heavily involved in the development of a Reman Global Forum and U.S.-China 3rd Government Reman dialogue. They have also worked in Lin Gang to establish an International Reman processing center, which is the public platform to support core and Reman finished goods, both import and export for crossed companies, products and Industries.

Activities to promote remanufacturing in China are critical to the success of the Reman business. Remanufacturing is still a new concept for many government officials, industry leaders and the general public in China. Many view the imported core as waste, which may cause pollution to China. For this reason, some see remanufactured goods as second-hand products. These false impressions have built barriers to the growth of remanufacturing, which partners in Caterpillar's governmental affairs team and key influencers in the Chinese government have worked to break down.

Mr. Xiao-ming was very impressed by the reman capabilities and gave his full support to further develop the remanufacturing business in Lin Gang and Pudong. The government of the Pudong area asked to aggregate the best resources to develop Lin Gang. This is a big step forward in our continued efforts to build awareness of the Reman business and promote growth in China.