Caterpillar Selected for Google Glass Explorer Program

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and companies, including Caterpillar, must constantly evaluate whether to create a new solution, or leverage a technology created externally. As industry-leading firms like Google and Apple develop new groundbreaking products, Caterpillar is grabbing the new technologies at their earliest stages. In doing so, we can determine how to capitalize on these pioneering solutions to deliver a premium, consistent experience for our customers, dealers and employees.

One example is Caterpillar's eBusiness group closely followed the news related to the development of Google Glass and submitted a concept to join the Google Glass Explorer program. Google was looking for bold and creative uses of their technology and Brian Stokoe from eBusiness outlined (posted on Google+ in less than 50 words, per requirements) how Glass could be used in innovative ways for training. The submission was accepted into the program, granting Caterpillar early access to the product, as well as the development community.

"Training is the first among seemingly endless possibilities to capitalize on Glass technology," said Jeff Bowman, eBusiness manager. "Our team is beginning to explore several scenarios, along with our business partners, in which Glass could make it easier for customers to interact with our products, services and information to further differentiate Caterpillar at key customer touch points."

While Google Glass development is still in its infancy, Caterpillar is excited to be leading the technology evolution in the manufacturing and business-to-business space by seeking out new opportunities and innovating to bring value to our customers, our products and the Cat® brand.