Caterpillar recognized in top 50 in 2013 Best Green Global Brands

Caterpillar was named one of the top 50 global brands with the most environmental appeal. The 2013 Best Green Global Brands is created by measuring the environmental perception of 100 global brands and compares it to those companies' actual environmental performance.

Caterpillar ranked 39th in the top 50. The ranking is based on the company's performance as well as the public's perception of the company.

Will Sarni, a director at Deloitte, who led that firm's portion of the study, explained what it means to be one of the "best global green brands." "It means essentially achieving not just a balance between perception and performance, but actually performing on both. It means that what you're doing in the way of performing is successful in some measure, and there is acknowledgment by stakeholders in the marketplace that you are achieving positive results."

Caterpillar has established aspirational goals for sustainability in our Operations and Products, Services and Solutions. See the 2012 Sustainability Report for an update on our progress towards achieving these goals and examples of projects from throughout the enterprise helping Caterpillar lead our industry to a more sustainable future.