Caterpillar Logistics Technology Services India celebrates 10 year anniversary

Ten years ago, Caterpillar Logistics Technology Services India (CLTSI) was chartered to provide logistics services to global distribution centers. Since then, the operation evolved to offer a wide range of logistics, information technology, engineering and supply chain services aligned with Caterpillar’s worldwide business model.

“For 10 years now, CLTSI has performed and delivered at the very highest level.  It has achieved everything the founders could ever have envisioned, and much, much more,” said Rick Burritt, global director of Caterpillar Logistics Technology Services and accountable manager for CLTSI.

In January 2004, the first CLTSI employee joined Records Accuracy Management to support an external third-party client, launching a small three-member team. Since this humble beginning and through countless process transitions, assisting hundreds of clients and process partners through the years.

“Being self-driven and taking accountability allowed me to work on multiple projects and experience global culture. I am proud to work with people around the world who come together to produce world-class products known for their quality, reliability and durability,” said Prasad Chalasani, information technology manager.

The increasing range of customers spans countries and continents. CLTSI provides high-quality, superior-value services that enable Cat® Parts Distribution and Integrated Logistics Services strategies. In addition, CLTSI extends the same expertise to the enterprise, delivering complementary services to other Caterpillar divisions.

Throughout its 10-year history, CLTSI has also nurtured employees, many of whom lead operations across Caterpillar India today. Considering India’s myriad culture, CLTSI is very proud that employees stem from 26 different Indian states and union territories. This multi-cultural team is firmly united, delivering more than 7.5 million injury-free working hours in the first decade.

“I received opportunities to expand my skills by working on various technologies and functions that include SAP, project management, people management and 6 Sigma. The wide variety of roles I played in the organization enabled me to gain business knowledge and understand the customer requirements to deliver world class results,” said Deepti Paleti, 6 Sigma master black belt.

Employees and leaders, past and present, reflected on the CLTSI journey at an all-employee meeting and celebration, marking the milestone.

“I value all the support I receive from my colleagues, process partners, and customers. This is a great place to learn anything one wants,” said Gurupada Mohanthy, inventory management concepts manager.

Avinash Valluru, information technology analyst, added, “I am a second generation Caterpillar employee. My dad has been with the organization for more than 20 years. I joined as a fresher two years ago and now I understand why my dad never moved to another organization. Caterpillar presents a plethora of opportunities to its employees and I am looking forward for a great run with the organization as well.”