Caterpillar Launches The Alliance for American Competitiveness

On March 24, Caterpillar Chairman & CEO Doug Oberhelman helped launch The Alliance for American Competitiveness –a new transportation coalition dedicated to promoting economic growth through strategic infrastructure investment.

Led by Oberhelman and former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the new coalition is comprised of a broad, diverse group of member companies—with the Executive Board of the Alliance comprised of Caterpillar, BNSF, Dow, Honeywell and UPS—from across the geographic and economic spectrum, all in support of infrastructure investment.

The coalition will be used to accomplish three goals – to inform lawmakers about the local and regional economic benefits of infrastructure investment; to advocate for a long-term stable revenue source for infrastructure investment; and, to define the broad economic impact of infrastructure investment.

Caterpillar has been a longstanding advocate for not only for investment in our nation’s transportation system, but a long-term solution that will improve our nation’s competitiveness in the world economy. We believe that, when supported by a strong infrastructure, American companies can compete and win throughout the world.

Click here to read the press release and hear more from our Chairman on the launch of the coalition and visit The Alliance for American Competitiveness web site.

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