Caterpillar Global Mining Has the Scoop on its History

While Caterpillar often traces employee culture and history through the employee publication Cat Folks, many may wonder about how this history is captured for Caterpillar's mergers and acquisitions. In the case of Bucyrus, now part of Caterpillar Global Mining, it can be found in the former employee publication called Scoop. Caterpillar's South Milwaukee Visitors Center, which houses the Heritage Museum, preserves almost all of the editions of Scoop dating back to August 1919.

Scoop provided a way to share information with employees, including employee promotions, new hires and retirements, service anniversaries, company picnics, social events and employee sports. Issues from the 1920s featured photographs of company-sponsored dances, concerts and marching bands, issues from the 1930s showcased 'friendly' math problem competitions, new hires and employee promotions from the 1950s and donations made by the Bucyrus-Erie Foundation in the 1970s.

Scoop articles provide a wealth of historical information covering Bucyrus' overall history.

"Scoop was published when the company was in prosperity and weathering the storm. It documents significant milestones like the Panama Canal, the completion of Big Muskie and our 100th anniversary, equipment sales to mining sites around the world, new acquisitions, new products and factory improvements" said Paul Johnson, Program Manager at Caterpillar's South Milwaukee Visitors Center. "Overall, it is an amazing collection of what brought us to where we are today."

The Heritage Museum also maintains an archival collection that contains product literature, scale models and photographs that pre-date the move from Bucyrus Ohio to South Milwaukee. The oldest items in the collection include the manufacturing plate from the company's first dredge and engineering drawings on linen paper from the 1880s. Opening in 2009 as just one floor through hard work and dedication from a group of employees and retirees, the museum eventually expanded into two floors of exhibits in 2011 as well as a floor focused on customer hospitality in 2013. 



Scoop marks the company's centennial with its first issue of 1980.